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New Rider Course


We only go around once. Which means if you've been dreaming of doing it on a motorcycle, there's no time to wait. We can help you get up and running in the saddle in no time. Life is short. Why lose another weekend to "Someday"? 

Never ridden before? Don’t sweat it – the Harley-Davidson® Riding Academy New Rider Course is designed to get you comfortable on a bike and give you the skills you need to ride with confidence.


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When you take a New Rider Course at the Riding Academy you will:

  • Learn to ride on a genuine Harley-Davidson® motorcycle.
  • Receive full support of the entire Dealership staff, before, during and well after your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle class
  • Learn systematically how to accelerate, shift, brake, turn from a stop, along with maneuvers like controlling skids, swerving and multiple-curves.
  • Earn an official Beginner Rider Course (BRC) Completion Card, that exempts you from the WI DMV road test and may get you a discount from certain vehicle insurance companies-check with your agent for clarification.



H-D OF MADISON WAIVERS updated:11/23/20; Includes: General Release, Waiver, and Indemnification Agreement; Acknowledgment & Assumption of Risk; Ground Rules Acknowledgment; Photo & Release Waiver; and Refund Policy

PHOTO & VIDEO RELEASE  updated:10/31/18

REFUND POLICY  updated:11/23/20




"The MSF Basic eCourse is a highly interactive 3-hr. online program that provides riders of all skill levels with the basics of motorcycling. With integrated graphics, photos and video to illustrate the lessons, the...program allows you to control the pace of your learning."

  • The Motorcycle Safety Foundation, or MSF, is a national, not-for-profit organization promoting the safety of motorcyclists with programs in rider training, operator licensing and public information.
  • The e-course takes approximately three (3) hours to complete, but you are able to take at your own desired pace and not in one session.
  • The e-course is included in your student fees and you will be provided a code the day you can being the online course.
  • The completion date MUST NOT be dated more than (30) days prior to your first day of class.
  • If you do not have the e-course completed before the beginning of class, you will not be able to participate in class and will not be given a refund.
  • Compliance is a state of WI requirement.

You may print the completion certificate or email to

New Rider Course FAQs

You’ll need a valid Wisconsin automobile driver’s license or must have passed an official WI-state driver’s education course, and have the ability to ride and balance a bicycle.

You do NOT need to hold a Wisconsin Motorcycle Temporary Permit before class because you are on private property. If you intend to ride on the road prior to class, it is strongly suggested you do earn the Temporary Permit to remain a legal motorcyclist.

After the course is completed and BRC card earned, you WILL need to complete the Motorcycle Temporary Permit test before the M endorsement will be given at the DMV.

A: You’ll need to bring the following:

  • Jeans, chaps, or leather pants
  • Over-the-ankle, sturdy footwear, preferably boots with a very low heel
  • Full-fingered gloves(preferably leather)
  • A DOT approved helmet(preferably three-quarters or full-faces)
  • Eyewear, including sunglasses, prescription glasses or clear glasses

During the COVID-19 pandemic, H-D of Madison will NOT be supplying any loaner gear for forgotten or incorrect gear. Purchases can be made at the Dealership for these items.

A: You’ll receive the following:

  • Harley-Davidson Street® 500 training motorcycle
  • Highly trained and certified MSF and Harley-Davidson Coaches
  • Packaged snacks, water, and soda
  • MSF Rider Handbook
  • Riding Academy® Roadbook
  • Rainsuits(During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Rainsuits will not be offered.)

While other local programs may cost less, our Riding Academy program offers some benefits those other programs may not, including being specialized for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.



  • Some of those other classes may not provide a training bike and require trainees to bring their own. H-D of Madison has a fleet of Street 500 motorcycles - H-D's training bike - in all sizes that are provided for our students so they can ride safely and comfortably throughout the class.
  • The Street 500s are set-up for training with "crash-bars" and internal triggers so if speeds are too high or the throttle sticks, the bike will turn itself off to prevent accidents or injury.
  • These bikes are also maintained by our Service Department after each 3-day course so they're ready for the next new rider.




  • The training course and classroom are on-site at the Dealership, so there's no need for a riding permit since the class takes place on private-property.
  • Our coaches have consistent training & licencing, through the WI DOT and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. They have also been certified as Harley-Davidson Rider Coaches, meaning they know these motorcycles inside and out, and follow H-D curriculum.
  • There's an opportunity to learn how to shift, or at least become more comfortable with the idea, before you even register for class. We provide an experience called the JUMPSTART - a stationary motorcycle where a person can go through the process of riding without having to worry about paying attention to the road or killing the engine since the bike stays still!




  • The communication and support a student gets from the Coaches and Team at the Dealership is something we take pride in! It's inspiring for us to see new riders get excited about learning how to ride and getting their first Harley, and we want to help fuel and maintain that excitement. We're here for our students & future graduates of the program.


We want to provide a specialized experience that a Riding Academy student can only get with our program, so the cost for our New Rider Course reflects the dedication and effort our Team takes to give you - our student - the best training experience possible.

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